Commercially Ready Technology

Concentrated Acid Hydrolysis Process

Over decade-long in-depth technology validation through in-house pilot and demonstrations by commercial licensees

To demonstrate the efficacy of the technology, Arkenol constructed and operated a pilot plant near its Southern California offices for roughly five years.
Since 2003, the technology has been successfully used by an unrelated, independent, and internationally recognized corporation to produce ethanol for the Japanese transportation fuel market. Over the last 10 years, the initial testing on a vast array of potential feedstock has been completed both in the U.S. and at various locations throughout the world. Arkenol has also worked with and been funded by the US Department of Energy (DOE) on various aspects of the technology.

By Arkenol


By GS Caltex

Commercial Licensees

The world’s 4th largest refiner
based in Korea

The world’s leading engineering
company based in Japan

Commercial plant design
completed by BlueFire in USA