Arkenol Inc. is a technology and project development company with over 20 years of experience, multiple facilities operated and third party verifications of our technology.

Arkenol has developed significant proprietary improvement to a well known conversion technology
known as concentrated acid hydrolysis such that the process is ready for commercial implementation.

The Technology is unique in that, for the first time, it enables widely available cellulosic materials, or more commonly, biomass, to be converted into sugar in an economically viable manner, thereby providing an inexpensive raw material for fermentation or chemical conversion into any of a hundred different specialty and/or commodity chemicals.
We call this our biorefinery concept.

AKR (Arkenol Korea Renewables), as a regional head office in Asia,

is engaged in developing business opportunities for the deployment of the Arkenol Technology and other applications worldwide for the production of green chemicals, energy and other environmentally acceptable business activities.
AKR acts as the joint licensor with Arkenol as for the Arkenol technology.

We are committed to facilitating the construction and operation of biorefineries using our technology on a worldwide basis
to produce a variety of biobased chemicals and transportation fuels.
Our expertise creates a basis for sustainable growth and well-being towards the bioeconomy on the globe.

– AKR Co., Ltd. –